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Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes (2001)

Reviewed 2001-10-19
: There's just something compelling about Jennifer Lopez that makes me love to watch her onscreen. J-Lo is not only easy on the eyes, she is a darn near brilliant actress. The story in Angel Eyes goes like this: Sharon Pogue (Jennifer Lopez) is a tough Chicago cop who's good at catching the bad guys but not too good dealing with issues of her personal life. She single and estranged from most of her family: her father, Carl (Victor Argo), essentially disowned her a decade ago after she arrested him for beating her mother Josephine (Sonia Braga).

But then a mysterious stranger, Catch (Jim Caviezel: I last saw him in Frequency), saves Sharon's life during a chase and shoot-out. Sharon warms up to Catch, even if he won't tell her much about himself, and even begins to fall for him.

Caviezel kind of walks through this movie in a dream state, or is it like a Christ figure? But he still retains an inner strength that keeps him from seeming the loser and vagrant he could have been. You sense that he had a life and he somehow lost it. And you sense, from the brilliant portrayal by Jennifer Lopez, that this believably tough cop has a vulnerable core that only a very special man can pierce. The chemistry between them is almost palpable. This is not to discount the supporting players, who each turn in commendable performances — I think I saw Brazilian-born Sonia Braga last in Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985) — and I was heartened to see the vow renewal reception scene with Sharon's parents play out without a typically "Hollywood" resolution. But even here, Lopez steals the scene and the heart. This is her best film yet. Is there no stopping her?

Angel Eyes (2001) 102 mins. Directed by Luis Mandoki. Written by Gerald Di Pego. Cast: Jennifer Lopez as Sharon Pogue, James Caviezel as Catch, Jeremy Sisto as Larry Pogue, Terrence Dashon Howard as Robby, Sonia Braga as Josephine Pogue, Victor Argo as Carl Pogue, Monet Mazur as Kathy Pogue, Shirley Knight as Elanora, Daniel Magder as Larry Jr., Guylaine St-Onge as Annie, Jeremy Ratchford as Ray Micigliano, Peter MacNeill as Lieutenant Dennis Sanderman, Eldridge Hyndman as Jamal, Kari Matchett as Candace, Michael Cameron as Charlie. Also known as: Heart of Town (2000) (USA: working title).

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Ronald Bruce Meyer is a freelance reviewer.