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Charlie's Angels (2000) star star
Reviewed 2001-05-26: This movie, based on the 1976-1981 TV series, was pure eye candy and I approached it as such. Charlie's Angels is about three women detectives, working for a mysterious boss (John Second Look ReviewForsythe), who retrieve stolen voice-ID software, using martial arts, technical skills, and sex appeal. The only actor to reprise his role from the TV series is Forsythe, though it isn't a very demanding one. This time around we see Cameron Diaz as Natalie Cook, Drew Barrymore as Dylan Sanders, Lucy Liu as Alex Munday, and Bill Murray as John Bosley. (In the TV series we had Kate Jackson as Sabrina Duncan, yummy Farrah Fawcett as Jill Munroe, Jaclyn Smith as Kelly Garrett, and David Doyle as John Bosley).

The special effects take over when the story lags, as it often does, but there is sex appeal in the three female leads. It may surprise you to know that I find Drew Barrymore to be the sexiest of the three, yet she wears the least revealing clothes and isn't as Hollywood thin as the other two. Bill Murray can be funny just getting up in the morning, so he was easily entertaining here. And Crispin Glover (remember him from Back to the Future and Along Came a Spider?), as the Thin Man, makes a creepy villain.

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Ronald Bruce Meyer is a freelance reviewer.