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The Dana & Julia Show star star

Reviewed 2001-08-17
: "The Dana & Julia Show" at ImprovOlympic, Chicago, through September 14. I had auditioned for other acting jobs with her twice, so I recognized Julia Wolov when I saw her picture that second time. She's pretty, but what really threw me was that I had seen her picture somewhere else... Oh, yeah! On a poster: She's half of "The Dana & Julia Show" at the ImprovOlympic. These are two young actors have put together a production company called "2 Jews 4 Boobs Productions" and the aforementioned sketch show. They make no secret of being lovers off-stage.

There are 20 or so short comedy sketches in the 50-minute show, punctuated by blackouts, in which Dana (the tougher-looking one) and Julia make fun of life and sex and men and women and being Jewish and being lesbian. Most of it is funny. I guess my only complaint is that they never smile. They also seem totally infatuated with their own and each others' breasts: they grab them, jiggle them, and otherwise draw much attention to them throughout the show. But that's not so much a complaint as an observation. I guess, perhaps, the stars of the show are indeed two Jews and four boobs.

The comedy is raw and vulgar, but there are some perceptive insights amid the obscenities. However, I think women (feminist women, especially) need to get over the "looking tough = looking powerful" thing so they'll stop being compared to men and achieve power in their own right, their own way. But that's just my humble opinion. There's no nudity in the show, and the Dana and Julia brand of comedy obviously isn't for everyone. I guess that's why the show ran at 10:30pm on Friday nights.

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Ronald Bruce Meyer is a freelance reviewer.