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Legally Blonde (2001) starstarstar
Reviewed 2001-11-08: The film stars Reese Whitherspoon, who is not only a brilliant comedienne but easy on the eyes and -- what I find unusual for a woman of youth and pulchritude -- unaffected. While majoring in fashion design, Elle Second Look Review(Whitherspoon) is dumped by her boyfriend so that he can "get serious" about his future. Planning to win him back, Elle somehow gets into Harvard Law ("What? Like it's hard?") and discovers that she had resources she never before mustered. While the film lacks a lot in the credibility department, it more than makes up for it in the humor and good intentions department. It even has a heart of gold and good legal ethics -- among some of the characters, anyway.

I was a little hard on Forrest Gump for its premise that good character and good intentions are enough to succeed in life. I happen to think you also need talent, competence, and drive, if not superior intelligence, at least outside of movies -- but the comedy in Legally Blonde was less effect-laden and visual that in Gump. I think humor coming from characters, rather than from character generators, is preferable. But then this is a SAG member speaking and I have turf to protect: take it for what it's worth. I thought Blonde was more fun.

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