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Memento (2000) starstar
Reviewed 2001-06-29: I saw this one on the big screen. "Now... where was I?" The story is about a man, suffering from short-term memory loss, who uses notes and tattoos to hunt down his wife's killer. The film forces you to think through the main character's dilemma — his inability to create short-term memories means he has to "crib" his daily life, from moment to moment. Whom can he trust? And the notes he writes on the Polaroids he takes — are they accurate? Carrie-Anne Moss (lately of The Matrix and Chocolat) and Joe Pantoliano (lately in "The Sopranos" on TV and also of The Matrix) put in great performances that leave you guessing why (or if) they are "helping" Leonard (Guy Pearce).

The story is told from end to beginning and the voice-over by Pearce is one of the better performances I've heard in a movie. I have a special interest, you see, being a v/o pro myself. And even though you think you know how it's all going to end, there are surprises even there. Nothing is as it seems. This was a very good movie!

Memento (2000) 115 mins. Directed by Christopher Nolan. Written by Christopher Nolan. Cast: Guy Pearce as Leonard Shelby, Carrie-Anne Moss as Natalie, Joe Pantoliano as Teddy, Mark Boone Junior as Burt, Stephen Tobolowsky as Sammy Jankis, Jorja Fox as Catherine Shelby (Leonard's Wife), Harriet Sansom Harris as Mrs. Jankis, Callum Keith Rennie as Dodd, Larry Holden as Jimmy Grantz, Russ Fega as Waiter, Thomas Lennon as Doctor, Kimberly Campbell as Blonde, Marianne Muellerleile as Tattooist.

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Ronald Bruce Meyer is a freelance reviewer.