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Shampoo (1975) star star

Reviewed 2001-06-24
: Yes, I admit it -- it took me 26 years to finally see this relic! In this satire of 70s sexual practices, Warren Beatty is George, a hair stylist who is not gay, and who sleeps with most of his female clients. He does it for Second Look Reviewfun, but he's in love with a woman (Julie Christie), the mistress of a businessman (Jack Warden), who does it for money. George wants to open his own hair styling shop, which is why the wife of the businessman (Lee Grant) suggests he see her husband. But George's immaturity ensures that nothing comes of that.

His girlfriend (Goldie Hawn) is childish and needful, so of course he cheats on her. It was fun to see a very young-looking Carrie Fisher (best line, to Beatty of course, is: "You want to fuck?"). Fisher was, in fact, only two years away from appearing in her biggest film, Star Wars. The plot in Shampoo seems to be aimless, and I've noticed this flaw in many 1970s films. Consequently, while I'm glad I finally saw it, this was not a memorable film, much less a great film.

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Ronald Bruce Meyer is a freelance reviewer.