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Statuary in Vigeland Park

* Day 4: Oslo, Norway

We cruise up the Oslo Fjord and disembark at the former Christiania, or Kristiania, the capital and largest city of Norway. Here we visit Holemkollen Park, a national park near the famous ski jump, with a breathtaking view of Oslo. Turning next toward Frogner Park, we visit the old Frogner Manor House (Frognergård) and the Oslo City Museum (Oslo bymuseum), and walk in Vigeland Park, where we can observe the works of Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland.

We'll learn about Norway's Viking heritage at the Maritime Museum (Norsk Sjøfartsmuseum), Norway's national museum of maritime history from the Viking Age to the present, and the Viking Ship Museum (Vikingskipshuset), exhibiting Viking ships from the 9th and 10th centuries. We'll also tour the Kon-Tiki Museum (Kon-Tiki Museet), which houses boats and artifacts from Thor Heyerdahl's expeditions, including the original 1947 Kon-Tiki raft, and the 1970 papyrus boat Ra II, along with an enticing collection of archaeological discoveries from Easter Island, East Polynesia, Galapagos and Peru.

Thor Heyerdahl with Kon-Tiki
-- named for an Inca god

The Port of Helsingborg

* Day 5: Helsingborg, Sweden

Returning to our cruise ship, we next dock at Helsingborg (Hälsingborg), Sweden, "the Pearl of The Sound" (Öresund) founded in 1085 through a deed of gift by the Danish King "Knut the Saint." More than two million tourists pass through Helsingborg each year, and many see what we will see: Fredriksdals Open-Air Museum (Fredriksdals friluftsmuseum), where we can stroll around the manor in the old city quarters, see the beautiful botanical garden, or enjoy an outdoor theatre at Friluftsteatern.

Then there is the Sofiero Castle, King Gustavus Adolphus VI's beloved summer Castle, its Gardens, with its Rhododendron Ravines, surrounded by woods and the sea, and Sofiero Springs. We'll wander another famous structure, the Wrams Gunnarstorp Castle, that holds annual Christmas celebrations.

* Day 6: Karlskrona, Sweden

After rounding the southern tip of Sweden, we'll spend a day at leisure in Karlskrona, on the Baltic, which includes a fortified harbor that was used as a naval base. We'll shop for souvenirs, tour the city and its five satellite islands, or just relax.

Streetside in Sweden

A Drottningskar Fortress in Karlskrona

* Day 7: Baltic Sea

We'll spend the next day cruising the Baltic Sea. We'll enjoy the amenities aboard our ship and continue our excited conversations about what we've discovered during the last week in Scandinavia.

* Day 8: Tallinn, Estonia

Ashore in the capital of Estonia, across the Gulf of Finland from Helsinki, and midway between Stockholm and St. Petersburg, we'll take a walking tour of the Old Town. A short concert follows, and then a visit to the Song Festival Ground and the beautiful, sandy beach, the ruins of a 15th century convent, and the forest paths of the Pirita, via Kadriorg Park.

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