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* Day 9: St. Petersburg, Russia

There is much to do in St. Petersburg, at the delta of the Neva River on the Gulf of Finland. We'll tour the St. Nicholas Cathedral, St. Isaac's Cathedral, and the Fortress of St. Peter and Paul, built 1703-1780, and once a political prison. To learn more about Peter the Great and his age, in his "window on Europe," we'll see the Peterhof Grand Palace and Fountains, the Cottage Palace and Chinese Palace. We'll walk in the Palace of Catherine the Great, Russia's other important Tsar. And we'll experience the artistic legacy of Russia at The Hermitage and the Mukhina Art Academy.

The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

The Fortress of St. Peter and Paul

Statuary at St. Isaac Cathedral, St. Petersburg

* Day 10: Baltic Sea

After we leave Leningrad, we'll spend one last day cruising the Baltic Sea, a day to relax, recollect, and refresh.

* Day 11: Copenhagen, Denmark

We'll disembark here, at Copenhagen (Danish: Kobenhavn; or "merchants' harbor"), the capital and largest city of Denmark. Copenhagen is a center of Scandinavian culture -- the link between the Baltic and the North Sea. Originally, from the 12th century, Denmark was a fortified fishing village. It's been a wonderful eleven days, and the flight home will give us time to recollect and reflect.
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Tivoli Gardens at night, Copenhagen

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