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Chicken Run (2000) star star star
Reviewed 2001-05-25: I had heard this film reviewed well, but resisted seeing because, well, it's animated. Chicken Run was a cock-a-doodle doozy! The first surprise was that the voice-over actors were all Brits, except that Mel Gibson played Rocky Rhodes the Rhode Island Red Rooster (what a surprise). The second surprise was the story about chickens organizing to fly a 1950s Yorkshire coop, literally, or "die frying," as the tagline says. There is good vs. evil and a love story involved, though the latter is, well, G-rated.

The only voice I recognized aside from Mel Gibson's was Miranda Richardson as Mrs. Tweedy, the hatched-faced owner of the farm. It was fun and funny watching Chicken Run and I'd recommend it to all ages. Since its promotional abbreviation is "C:R-1," we might expect a sequel.

Ronald Bruce Meyer is a freelance reviewer.

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