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Heavy Metal 2000 (2000) star star
Reviewed 2001-05-13: Let's hear it for Warrior Women! Probably the cheapest entertainment around is video movies, so I rented this one for the evening. I had seen the original Heavy Metal, which was also based on stories and artwork from the sci-fi/fantasy-based magazine. I've never subscribed, but I've seen a few issues and I think some of the comic artwork is outstanding, though I admit I like the stories featuring lightly clad warrior women -- so much for reality!

Anyway, the original Heavy Metal animated film was a bit disjointed for my taste, but this film hung together pretty well. The story was about an outer space worker, Tyler (voice of Michael Ironside) who discovers a "key" that leads him to a fountain of immortality, but also causes him to go insane. He gets superhuman strength from the key and kidnaps a woman, Kerrie (voice of Sonja Ball) from a planet he lays waste. From Kerrie a Dr. Schechter (voice of Arthur Holden) draws a fluid that provides Tyler with partial immortality -- enough so that he quickly recovers from even fatal wounds if he consumes the elixir in time.

What he doesn't find out until too late is that Julie, the sister of the woman he kidnaps (voice of Julie Strain) survived the planetary genocide and follows him -- intending to destroy him. Tough-guy actor Michael Ironside was perfect casting as the villain. There is some female nudity, but no sex, in the film -- and it's animated, anyway.

Ronald Bruce Meyer is a freelance reviewer.

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