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My Movie Collection
Opinions by Ronald Bruce Meyer
-- Peculiar Views of Movies I Thought Well Enough of to Keep--

starstarstar= MEMORABLE
starstarstarstar= MASTERPIECE

MY REVIEWS of these movies on video are obviously either pretty good (MEMORABLE) or excellent (MASTERPIECE). Each one touched me in some way. Since there are so many reviews, I have indexed them here (alphabetically, of course), with links to a page for each. The cover shot for each is linked to the Internet Movie Database listing, so you can get details beyond what I have provided in my review. Since the review is current, but I can't (usually) say when I actually first saw the movie, instead of giving a "reviewed" date, I provide the date I added my review to this site. My tastes are all over the map, as you'll see. I've enjoyed these movies, but they are not my, or anyone's, Top 100 list.



The Advocate (1993) starstarstar Added 2001-11-15

Aladdin (1992) starstarstar Added 2001-11-16

Amadeus (1984) starstarstarstar Added 2001-11-20

American Beauty (1999) starstarstarstar Added 2001-11-29


Enemy of the State (1993) starstarstarstar Added 2001-12-07


Gladiator (2000) starstarstarstar Added 2002-04-30


Jurassic Park (1993) starstarstarstar Added 2001-12-18


Little Big Man (1970) starstarstarstar Added 2001-12-04


Marathon Man (1976) starstarstarstar Added 2001-12-21


The Professional / Léon (1994) starstarstarstar Added 2001-12-11


Shakespeare in Love starstarstarstar Added 2002-05-05


Three Days of the Condor (1975) starstarstar Added 2001-11-30


Working Girl (1988) starstarstarstar Added 2001-12-01

Ronald Bruce Meyer is a freelance reviewer.