(in tribute to the kids TV show "Make a Wish")
by Ronald Bruce Meyer
25 August 2002

You may wish for a balanced and gentle, sweet spirit
But if you are vehement, you'll never come near it.
For vehemence carries away your sound mind,
Leaving in its place eager, hot rage, you will find.
Not to say that from logic you'll leap in your thinking,
But passionate poison is all you'll be drinking.
You could try to be vehement, and keep your balance,
But I tell you the task tries and tests all your talents.
The impetuous may summon eloquent rhetorics,
But in the end suffer as did Vercingetorix.

Not to say that such vigor of spirit is perilous,
But frothy-mouthed, wild-eyed rage isn't quite garrulous.
So being a patriot with vehemence is fine,
Just so long as your high-mettled zeal stays in line.
Through demonstrative flailings and violent expression
The cleverest intellect can't skip this digression.
And when vehemence calls, you had better reply,
As in... right-this-moment and not by-and-by,
For its urgency vehemence won't be denied--
More than tokens of passion to tap your Dark Side.

So make a wish... it might come true.
It's all up to you... it's all up to you!

The Shal-heb-heth-Yah, a most vehement flame,
Is Old Testament Hebrew for jealousy's name.
So you see what divisiveness vehemence inspires,
Its cruelty burns as the tongues of twelve fires.
On the other hand vehemence does draw attention--
No one falls asleep with élan, I might mention--
An intemperate tempest of fervor may earn you
What reasoned and reticent debate could not turn you.
But bear in mind: maintain the reins of raw passion,
For excess will take its toll, after a fashion.

If your Epipothesis, or earnest desire,
Is a vehement love, like a sultry hot fire,
There is little a mind carried off so can do!
But I'd pause, if I could, for a moment or two,
And reflect that a little love goes a long way
And that moderate love lasts for more than a day.
For illusory strength is what vehemence cedes--
Would you spend in a sprint what a marathon needs?
While it's more fun, I grant you, to flash like a flame
Dowsed with flammable fluid, it's not quite the same
As the coals silent seething, laid under the grill.
The passion is well done and, still, quite a thrill!

So make a wish... it might come true.
It's all up to you... it's all up to you!

--Uptight, Late-Night, Stage Fright Ronald, The Duke of Doggerel

Ronald Bruce Meyer is a freelance doggerelist.