The "Reel"

The many voices of Ronald Bruce Meyer


My reel is my calling card as an AFTRA voice-over talent. I have worked in the voice-over field since my radio days began in 1978, but actively only since the mid-1980s. My first demo was on open reel tape -- who remembers them? -- then on cassette. My current demo is on CD, but I think I'll skip DVD and stick with the Internet -- until non-volatile RAM comes into general use! You can also find these samples on the website run by my V/O agent, Carlyn Davis (registration required: call 703.532.1900). The samples below are in .mp3 format and will take a minute or so to download. Click on the "reel" icon and enjoy...


Character reel
(.mp3) 1:00 trt

Commercial reel
(.mp3) 1:00 trt

Narration reel
(.mp3) 2:00 trt


"Every voice you hear . . . is
Ronald Bruce Meyer."

Ronald Bruce Meyer
with guest voice
Celene von Dutzman.

Selections from
long-form video
and books on tape.


Turbo Saab (Ken Meade and Ed Brewer)
Boss Overbearing and Secretary (Dining a la Card)
Mr. Tex (Shamrock Restaurant)
Tempo (classical radio show parody)
Mr. Self Esteem (Disney)
Wise Man and Seeker (Frederick Community College)
Inspector Toughguy (Sodexho)
Mr. Doubt (Disney)
Perkins the Butler (Brick Institute)
Blackbeard's Nephew (Shamrock Restaurant)
Mr. Whaddya Say (Whitesell Pharmacy)

Beringer White Zinfandel (two voices)
Pizza Hut - Sports
Jeffrey's Marker Magic
Pimlico Race Course
Beloved Scoundrel (book) (two voices)
Powell's Furniture

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Changes in Education (educational video)
Budget Rent-a-Car (welcome shuttle tape)
Protecting Your Business (IBEW radio ad)
In Search of the Trojan War (book on tape)
Hazardous Chemical Handling (NACDEF)
Employer Support of the National Guard (military documentary)
Perigrine Falcons (nature video)
Counterattacks 1951 (Armed Services documentary)
Humvee (Defense Dept video)


Learn about the acting coach who made me the talent I am today:

Molli Benson